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Saying Goodbye

Losing a pet is like losing a close friend and as pet owners ourselves we understand how upsetting it can be. At Northdale we are here to look after your pets, but who looks after you when the time comes to say goodbye to your loved one? It is our aim in the near future to have a bereavement counsellor to help you through the hard times you may encounter but, in the meantime, we do have some leaflets at reception that you may like to take home and read.











These leaflets have numbers of organisations that you can contact and talk to. When the time comes to say goodbye to your pet, it is sometimes best to know beforehand the options you have regarding euthansisa and cremations. At Northdale, we use Surrey Pet Crematorium for cremations and the following options are available.


Communal Cremation -This option is where your loved one is cremated with other pets, the ashes are not returned to you.


Individual Cremation -This option is where your pet is cremated on their own and the ashes are returned to you in either a casket or a scatter box. The ashes once returned can be brought to you at home by our Practice Van or collected by you from the surgery.


Burial - Surrey and some crematoriums have pet cemeteries where your pet can have its own plot in idyllic surroundings. Alternatively, you may take your pet home for burial in your garden .

In appropriate circumstances, we may be able to offer you the option of a home euthansia for your pet, in familiar surroundings. Please discuss this with the practice if you are considering this and for a estimate of costs.  Alternatively we also work Vets2Home who offer a home euthanasia and end of life care.


Further information

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