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Neutering is carried out at our main surgery in Victoria Road although the post operative checks can be done at your local branch.  


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Why should I get my pet neutered?


Neutering involves removal of the testicles in male animals (castration) and removal of the ovaries and uterus in female animals (spaying). We usually recommend that the procedure be carried out when the animal is about six months old. This ensures that the animal doesn’t develop any unwanted ‘sex linked’ behaviour – for example: Spraying urine or ‘interacting’ with objects that they find attractive.


All neutering is carried out under general anaesthetic, which means that your pet will have to be left at the vets for a few hours.


If you are not planning on letting your pet have a litter then we would recommend neutering. There are many advantages to having your pet neutered:


For females, there is less mess, less unwanted attention from males and no chance of unplanned pregnancies. The procedure also prevents infection in the uterus and can reduce the chances of the animal developing types of mammary cancer.


In males there is a significantly reduced chance of developing cancer of the prostate, testicles and some types of anal cancer. Neutering a male animal will also curb aggressive or enthusiastic sexual behaviour.


Many people are under the impression that neutering their pet may affect their personality. This is a bit of a myth – dogs actually become easier to train because their minds do not wander as much without those raging hormones!


Some animals can put on a bit of weight after neutering but this is easily controlled with a suitable diet – it is just a matter of adjusting your animals’ calorific intake accordingly.


What happens on the day of the procedure?

All neutering is carried out under general anaesthetic, which means that your pet will have to be left at the vets for a few hours.  You will have been asked to withhold food from your pet from the previous evening at 9 pm and water from first thing in the morning.    We will arrange an admission appointment with one of our team, usually between 8 am and 9 am.   Your pet will usually remain with us for the day and we will arrange an appointment for you to collect them later in the afternoon or evening.  At this appointment you will be given information on the neutering and the aftercare required.   We then offer free post operative checks.


Usually the only additional costs to the estimated price will be if your pet requires pain relief and we also recommend a buster collar or t shirt if there are concerns that your pet may worry the stitches or wound site.


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